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JDA HIRE – small run wedding events and function hire business now based in Kent, offers a range of products for hire for all types of events and function.

Our aim is to ensure that all clients is happy with the products and services that we provide.

We however do have a few terms and condition when it comes to hiring out our product or using any part of our services.

Chair covers and sashes – this is a core part of our business and we asked that all items are returned to us in the same condition it was provided, where there is damages to the chair cover or not all items are returned there will be a charge of £5.00 to cover the cost or the damage of each missing chair cover, for the sashes this will be £1.00 per missing or damage sashes.

Tablecloths hire – we do charge of fee of £15.00 for any missing or damage tablecloths and where it is marked with markers where the stains cannot come out. We do asked that no pins are used on our tablecloths as these cause holes in the tablecloth and therefore damage the tablecloth meaning we are unable to use it long-term.

Centrepiece hire – these includes, fish bowl, martini vase, gold crystal candle holder, as well as lilly vase these are dry hire items or we can add flowers to them for you, however, where there is damage or broken items we charge a fee of £20.00 per items that is missing, broken or damage

Floor standing candelabra – our beautiful silver candelabra is an amazing features at any wedding, and we ensure that this is in fantastic condition when hired out, we asked that all candle wax is cleaned out of the candelabra before return, there will be a cleaning fee of £5.00 per candelabra if the wax are not cleaned out, where the item is damage or irreplaceable there will be a charge of £100.00 per candelabra to replace.

Catering Equipment – we hire a range of catering equipment and we asked that all items are returned cleaned, if you are unable to return the items clean we charge a cleaning fee based on the quantity of items that are hired out.

Where there is missing or damage items we charge a replaceable fee for these items:

- Plates – where a plate is damage or not returned we charge a fee of £2.00 per plate to replace the plate.

- Tumblers – there is a £1.50 charge per tumbler that is not returned, broken or damage

- Cutlery – where a cutlery is missing or not return there is a charge of £2.00 per cutlery

- Wine glasses/champagne flute – we charge a £2.00 fee for any damage, broken or missing wine glass/champagne flute

- Chafing Dish – we charge a £20.00 fee per chafing dish for any missing damage or unreturned chafing dish

Chocolate Fountain – our chocolate fountain is a manned item, but it does come with some terms, we asked that we are given a 30 minutes time frame to set-up the fountain and have everything ready to go.

Where you have chosen your dips and we are unable to obtain one of the items we will bring a similar option in its place, we will however always try and notify you of this so that you can choose another option. Please also note that giving 24hrs notice is not always viable and more times it will be on the day of the event itself as all items are bought fresh for the day.