Terms and Condictions


  • The availability of goods to any given customer cannot be guaranteed by JDA HIRE until booking is confirmed.

  • The contract is for the hire and /or sale of equipment detailed on the contract. The parties to the contract are the Hirer, as an individual or an organisation whose official representative will be the signatory of the contract.

  • All equipment hired remains the property of JDA Hire Services at all times. 

  • Acceptance of goods and services from us implies that you have accepted our Terms & Conditions.

Booking is confirmed by

  • Cleared payment of the required deposit as a minimum requirement, unless credit terms have been pre-agreed by an authorised JDA HIRE representative.

  • Acceptance of JDA HIRE’s terms and conditions. Payment is also considered acceptance of JDA HIRE’s terms. These are available in numerous formats on request at any time. Cheques should be received by JDA HIRE at least 14 working days in advance of the event. Once the cheque is cleared, your booking is confirmed. JDA HIRE can take no responsibility for the change of availability of the goods during the time before cleared payment. JDA HIRE reserves the right to cancel unpaid contracts at any point.

  • JDA HIRE reserves the right to decline acceptance of any payment method(s) at its own discretion. Likely examples of this are cash on collection or late requests to pay by cheque or invoice/purchase order.

  • Quotes are valid for no more than 14 days. They may be withdrawn at any time. Only written quotes from a JDA HIRE representative may be honoured; telephone and other quotes and prices for services may be dismissed at JDA HIRE’s discretion.

  • Full payment is due before delivery unless credit terms have been pre-agreed by an authorised JDA HIRE representative.

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all relevant details of the order including any requirements of the venue for delivery and collection are relayed to JDA HIRE at the point of booking. Any additional items or services added later may incur additional charges and are subject to availability


  • All bookings require a refundable deposit to be held by JDA HIRE against damages, loss and cancellation unless otherwise agreed.

  • JDA HIRE reserves the right to retain part or all of the deposit paid to cover loss, damage or cancellation


  • All cancellations by the customer must be made in writing; via email. Orders are not cancelled until this is has been received. (It is recommended you confirm JDA HIRE’s receipt of your cancellation by telephone)

  • There is no charge if orders are cancelled no later than 7 days before the hire start date. A full refund will be issued.

  • 50% of the hire charge is refunded if orders are cancelled within 7 days of hire start date (up until 2 days prior to contract start date).

  • 0% of the hire charge is refunded if orders are cancelled within 2 days of the hire start date. JDA HIRE will refund delivery/collection costs at its discretion.

  • Any reduction of order value by the customer including changes relating to delivery and collection services is treated as part cancellation and the rules and charges as outlined above apply.

During Hire

  • When a JDA HIRE representative delivers the goods to the agreed site/address, and until a JDA HIRE representative collects them, the goods are the sole responsibility of the customer. Goods should be stored in the correct way to avoid damage – it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they know how. Call JDA HIRE on 07505221105

  • Goods should be stored in secure, dry conditions. Negligence can result in loss and damage for which relevant charges defined by JDA HIRE applies.

  • Goods should be returned in clean and in a dry condition. Alternativity we charge 20% of the hire fee to clean certain items hired e.g. Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware.

  • JDA HIRE reserves the right to not leave goods with the customer if on delivery it is apparent the goods will not be kept safely or securely.

  • Late returns of goods will incur full relevant hire fees, plus any costs in the instance where other customers are inconvenienced and/or compensated due to the customer’s late return.

Damage / Loss

  • There are charges for any items hired from JDA HIRE that are damaged or lost, the costs of which are available on request.

  • The loss also includes but is not limited to other costs incurred such as loss of staff time through labour, waiting, cleaning etc., inconvenience to other customers as a result of the customer’s failure to comply with the terms and conditions and agreed to hire start end times and other relevant details.


  • Deposit refunds are usually issued by the same means the funds are taken – if you pay by card, you will be refunded by card.

  • JDA HIRE aims to process all refunds within 10 working days of the end of hire, though JDA HIRE cannot guarantee the time it takes to receive the money due to processing times at banks etc.

  • The customer should contact JDA HIRE if they have not received a payment within 14 days of hire end, as something may have gone wrong.

  • JDA HIRE will not refund any more than the value of an item if either proven to be faulty or not received.

  • JDA HIRE does not take responsibility for any additional costs or loss of earnings incurred to a customer.

Delivery / Collection

  • Customers are responsible for providing adequate legal parking for JDA HIRE vehicles for the whole duration of time needed for JDA HIRE staff to safely complete delivery or collection for their order. Failure to provide adequate and legal parking may result in refusal of delivery or collection. No refunds will be given to a refused delivery. Redelivery and recollection cost may be applicable if the service is still required thereafter.

  • Any parking tickets, fines or additional costs incurred to JDA HIRE due to a customer’s failure to provide adequate legal parking will be passed on to the customer. JDA HIRE reserve the right to deduct this amount from the refundable security deposit. At the point of booking or prior to the vehicle being dispatched it is the responsibility of the customer to Inform JDA HIRE of any additional requirements of a venue, such as providing driver names or vehicle details, bringing personal protection equipment and vehicle passes. Any obstructions within the venue such as steps, doors, third-party staff or even long distances to the delivery/collection point.

  • If JDA HIRE is refused access or delayed from loading/unloading to a venue for any of these reasons then relevant redelivery, recollection, waiting or additional labour charges may apply.

  • Before a collection, goods should be left ready for the driver(s) in a similar manner to how they were delivered. For example, glasses should be put away in boxes, chair covers put away in bags and cutlery put any in the correct crates. Advice on how to be ready for collection can be provided.

  • JDA HIRE driver(s) will endeavour to call the provided contact number(s) 15-30 minutes prior to arrival. Although JDA HIRE will do all it can to ensure this call happens, this is an additional service and cannot be guaranteed. Nor can it be used as a reason for not being present at the arranged delivery/collection address at the time of the driver’s arrival.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they or an authorised representative are present during both delivery and collection windows, failure to be present at the driver’s arrival time may incur redelivery, recollection or waiting charges. If you wish to inquire about delivery information, we are available to give estimated times of arrivals Monday to Friday 08:30-19:30 & 09:00-17:00 on weekends by 07505221105 or emailing admin@jdahire.co.uk 

  • Any discrepancies must be made in writing preferably on the delivery or collection note within 3 hours of delivery. If there is no authorised person(s) present to sign for receipt and or return of the goods JDA HIRE will choose at its discretion whether they will continue to deliver or collect the goods without a signature. In this instance, the customer automatically accepts the condition and quantity of the stock stated by the present JDA HIRE representative.

  • Unless other arrangements have been agreed by JDA HIRE in writing: It is not the responsibility of JDA HIRE to dismantle your event. Upon collection, all hired goods must be ready for JDA HIRE staff to collect in one area. For instance, the hired goods should not be scattered around a venue in multiple rooms. Additional labour charges may apply for the additional time spent collecting in these or other similar instances.

  • During each collection, the driver will do a preliminary check and count of the goods where possible. However, with some items, this count may not always be possible. For instance, catering equipment and linen may be too numerous and time-consuming for the driver to do while on site and although every effort will be made by JDA HIRE staff to document any potential discrepancies during delivery and collection, the driver may not notice potential damage, dirt or loss. However, all items will be thoroughly checked, counted and cleaned in a controlled environment. It is with these after these checks by a JDA HIRE staff that any stock related charges due to damage, loss or dirt are reported.

  • JDA HIRE may refuse to collect any goods that are not ready for collection, any goods left behind are the responsibility of the paying customer to return to JDA HIRE or relevant additional hire or replacement costs will be passed on to the customer.

  • JDA HIRE may also refuse to deliver or collect in addition to charging, due to a breach of any of these guidelines.

If We Are Late

  • JDA HIRE will always endeavour to arrive as scheduled and has a strong track record for being on time. This may not always be possible due to traffic, weather conditions, issues with other jobs and any other delays. For this reason, JDA HIRE recommends scheduling delivery to a ‘safe’ time which allows for the worst to happen and your event to function with other arrangements. JDA HIRE can accept no responsibility for a customer’s failure to account for this matter and will not compensate beyond the value of any monies taken for any given job.

  • If JDA HIRE is at fault and in breach of its agreement with the customer, JDA HIRE may refund partial or whole delivery fees. This will be based on how late JDA HIRE are and whether the customer had allowed enough time as per JDA HIRE guidelines to account for this.

Our equipment & services

  • All displayed prices for hire on JDA HIRE website(s) are an invitation to treat only.

  • Stock images on JDA HIRE's website(s) are regularly kept up to date with pictures of JDA HIRE actual holding stock. However, stock items may slightly differ from the images shown on the website.

  • Every effort will be made to meet the specification of an order, however in the event that an item is unavailable JDA HIRE reserves the right to substitute the item(s) with a similar item to the nearest specifications.

  • Customers are solely responsible for the condition and safety of the hired goods from the moment they are signed for upon delivery, to the moment they are returned or collected and signed for 

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are aware of each item’s special requirements such as any health and safety requirements or the accepted state of return, information can be provided upon request.

  • Any heated appliances such as ovens or outdoor heaters must be kept at least 2 metres away from JDA HIRE equipment’s Any open fires including barbeques must be kept 5 metres away from JDA HIRE equipment.

  • All catering goods such as crockery, cutlery, service ware and glassware are to be returned unsoiled. This means no large chunks of food or large amounts of liquid/sauce left on the items upon return. 

  • Although JDA HIRE is more than happy to help guide you in planning your event, JDA HIRE takes no responsibility for the measurements & specifications of a venue. Nor can JDA HIRE make any guarantees that all or some of JDA HIRE goods will meet the specifications of a required area. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the stock hired from JDA HIRE will fit in the required area. JDA HIRE stock measurements are available on JDA HIRE website(s) or upon request.

  • The customer is responsible to ensure all goods are to be returned in a clean & dry condition. Items such as linen or chair covers can easily be damaged by mildew, burns and candle wax. Any item that is returned in a condition that can no longer be cleaned or repaired back to the condition in which JDA HIRE delivered in, full replacements costs may be charged or deducted from the refundable security deposit. During a “set-up” customer are advised to stick to the pre-agreed plan. A “set-up” is a service that is only to be done once per-ordered time. If the customer is not happy with the plan upon completion, depending on other commitments JDA HIRE may refuse to spend additional time on site amending the “set-up”. JDA HIRE may also charge for any additional labour time spent on site if the plan changes or JDA HIRE are obstructed from setting up.

Self-collection and self-returns

  • A valid form of photo ID must be provided to JDA HIRE before JDA HIRE hand over the hired goods. A passport or Drivers licence is the only accepted forms of identification.

  • Customers who choose to collect or return goods themselves must use vehicles suitable for this purpose including means of securing the goods safely. JDA HIRE reserves the right to refuse the release of hired goods to any customer without a suitable vehicle for the safe carriage of hired goods.

  • In addition to the paying customer photo ID, any persons including couriers will be expected to provide photo ID.

  • JDA HIRE are not responsible for any waiting charges incurred to a customer by a courier service. To prevent these types of charges it is advised that you provide the courier with the name you booked your order under and to quote the invoice number. It is also advised that you keep in contact with JDA HIRE to inform when a courier is likely to arrive what courier company you have booked.